Noise jewelry is founded by three guys who are fascinated by jewelry and the digital media. We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is where we do all of our design and prototyping of the jewelry. 
The idea of sound jewelry is to bring a permanence to a memory. Making it everlasting. Helping us the remember the thing and the people we love. What better way to keep a memory close then to keep it by your heart. 
Nicolas Aagaard comes from a long line of jewelry designers and has worked with international jewelry brand for most of this life. 
David Munksgaard is a coder by heart and by trade. He has created the sound wave generation and reading software.
Kåre Frandsen is the production guy. He has a great feel for what is possible in the real world. He makes sure the quality is on mark and the delivery is on time.
Dane Shea likes long walks on the beach and listens to jazz music.